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when i look at the boys, SZ and Arashi, and even the Juniors, I get so inspired. They're working so hard, they have to juggle school, work, dance lessons, singing lessons, rehearsals, concerts, dramas, tv shows, radio programmes, variety shows, movie shoots, photo shoots, interviews, and family.

I'm amazed.

Unless they really have a passion for wanting to be what they are - idols, they can never pull it off, and pull it off so successfully (esp in Arashi's case)

What do I have to juggle? Very little compared to them.
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I've already gotten it, but, i haven't got the chance to really sit down and watch it. Even though I am absolutely and terrifyingly FREE. Does this even make sense?

And, I've been pretty down reccently, just...university woes i suppose. Demo, seeing gifs of Arashi on tumblr just make me seriously, LAUGH OUT LOUD, hahahah!!! Good thing it's the middle of the night, with no one to laugh at me LOL-ing in front of my computer screen.

And i'm wondering if i should change my glasses...to a..less geeky one maybe? but....

and i've been wanting to keep long hair for quite a while now. And i've just cut it a few months ago. It's at my shoulder now, can't wait for it to fall at least, halfway down my back! And then, finally, i can curl the ends of my hair, (: I'll suit the mature look by then~


May. 13th, 2013 11:30 am
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Well, truth to be told, I've had a LiveJournal before, but i deleted it because...well, i suppose cuz of my own insecurities.

But, well, Imma try again, and we'll see how this journal goes hmmm?(:

So, to start, you can call me Hazel and I'm 19. I love Arashi and Sexy Zone. I love to eat Chocolate. I love dancing and reading. I really really want to bake, but my house doesn't have an oven. So i've had to make do with several 'no-bake' recipes, and not all of them turned out very good (at least they're edible!).

ANYWAY, maybe here, i can finally spaz happily about my wonderful Arashi and Sexy Zone(: I really really love Shori~~~ but i won't neglect the others! Hahaha!


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