Oct. 8th, 2015 02:09 pm
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Alright, it's been FOREVER since I last posted. This was probably the longest break I took from the JE fandom (at least LJ-wise). I think I stopped checking on JE stuff since summer started and now it's properly FALL and we're heading into winter (Christmas is coming! but first, finals><)

By "break' I mean completely no checking on the LJ feed relating to any Arashi or Sexy Zone updates. I didn't download their tv shows or listen to their new music etc. Right now, I really miss Shokura, Sexy Zone Channel and VS Arashi. It seemed like there was a bet de Arashi recently too! This morning, everything changed when I decided to vist my LJ feed and I listened to Nino's Baystorm. GOSH, the new track that he played - ILOVEIT. It's from their new Japonism album so yeah I'll have to look around for it (if it's already out) over the next few days when I'm free.

Tbh, it's a rather strange time for me to get back into the fandom. I'm approaching finals steadily...and my laptop has broken down so there's no real point of downloading anything I suppose. Right now I'm using a tablet and I've downloaded a lot of school-related documents already. Do I really need that new Japonism album in here? Yes I do, We shall see. At the rate things are going, I might even find out that Sexy Zone has also put out a new single/album and gahhhhh

so yes, not a very good timing to be falling in love with JE again. But what to do? I miss the boys, their voices and personalities.

Also, I am aware of Riida's recent 'scandal' and my heart goes out to him. Seems like the girl has suffered some repercussions and I hope Riida is coping okay with everything.

Speaking of coping, I really wonder how Sou-chan is doing and whether he has made his mark yet?

Another point that I'm curious on the state of Nino's hair. The radio broadcast that I heard is definitely recent and he said that he hasn't gone to cut his hair and everyone keeps telling him to cut it. But he's resolved to not cut it when he doesn't have to (because of dramas or whatever). He even dwelt on the possibility of long hair! A long-haired Nino! Hahaha, will you really do that, Nino?

Alright, I should get back to work. I have mountains that need moving *rolls up sleeves*. Hopefully I'll update more and sometime soon too. Bye!


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