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I'm in a degree course that I don't enjoy substantially...but there are some things that I do like about this...

Like how there are many interesting opportunities available

How the school is small and sort of cozy. (while it can get claustrophobic at times)

I like some of the people that I have met.

Skills? Not sure. Confidence? Maybe. It can be argued that law school has instead shattered any shred of confidence that I had. Out of my shattered confidence, I now instead have a rather confident set of indifference. I no longer care that I'm not scoring well or not doing as well as my peers. I like what I like. I don't have to follow the crowd. I don't have to mix with people that I'm not comfortable with. If I prefer to be alone, then I will be alone. I don't have to go out for drinks with them.

Boys still are the creatures that only talk to me when they think I'm pretty or exotic. Give them a few months and they lose interest. They throw me aside like I was trash and go after the next pretty girl.

This post isn't making sense, now is it?


I want to listen to the new Japnoism CD. I want to buy the new album. I want to buy many things.

tired. even though I've already slept a lot. It's not a physical tired but a mental and spiritual one I think. I'm just tired of having to drag my feet to law school and back.

sigh. God help me.


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