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Alright, finally I'm posting on my lj in a happy mood.

At least, I had every intention to post a happy post.

But. The first thing that I saw on my lj feed and wordpress feed was the news that Taguchi was leaving KATTUN and Johnny's next year. That took me by surprise. Based on what I'm reading, this is taking everyone by surprise.

I'm not a KATTUN fan or anything. I just think that Kame is cute and watch him in some VS-Arashi episodes and when he comes on other Arashi variety shows and dramas. There was one episode...maybe it was an Arashi ni Shiyagare episode that I caught where Kame was sharing about his experience dealing with the whole 6-member to 5-member to 4-member KATTUN. Everyone knew it was difficult for them to go through and stay strong, and I admired his tenacity and will. After that episode, I still wasn't a fan but I knew them and respected them.

This time, KATTUN will be losing another member, and I watched the live broadcast when the group announced it. Their faces were really grim. I hope with all my heart that they can pull through and that things will work out for them. I hope that all their efforts won't go to waste and that they can enjoy the life of an idol without having to deal with anymore breakups. The life of an idol is not easy, but it's something that all the boys entered into Johnny's wanting. They knew what was to be expected. But having to lose three members successively is just....

Anyway, good luck KATTUN!! It'll be their 10th anniversary next year, maybe I'll try to get to know KATTUN more to celebrate it with them.
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