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Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!!!

Just this morning, I finally caught up with all the Shokura episodes that I've missed and KYAAAAAA I'm so glad that MatsuSou performed on one of the more recent episodes! The theme of that episode was "美" pronounced as "bi" which means beauty. The shokura started with FumaKentoShori singing [Young and Beautiful]. Then fast forward, Sou was on the Shokura Blog segment, and he shared how he thought Mt Fuji was what he associates with the word "beauty" which I think is so sweet of him. I couldn't help but notice that his presentation skills were so much better, he sounds more confident and he carried out his part really well. Then immediately following the blog segment, it was a performance by MatsuSou himself!!!

Can I just say, the perfomance was AWESOME. His voice sounded great! His dancing was great! He sounds, looks and feels more confident. Here's a couple of epi gifs that I saw on Tumblr:

(credit goes to http://o-venomous-spider-o.tumblr.com)

I'm just so proud and happy for him that his performance went so well on Shokura!! He definitely has a different vibe from the Juniors.

This Shokura episode also had Fuma singing a cool solo, and Marius appeared at the ending song! So all five of them were present in the same episdoe!!! *excited jumping around* I'm hoping that Sou's lack of presence in group activities/idol activities were because of his final exams that all high schoolers in Japan take very seriously. So now that they're over, I hope that he and Marius would be making an awesome comeback(: Plus, the sexy zone pony canyon website shows all five of them. The new album also has all five of them. I'm hoping these are god signs!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Sou!!! Are you going to university? I hope to see you more often!(: All the best and love from,



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