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So I discovered a draft of an update that I tried to give...a few weeks ago and well, here it is:


Week #7 of the semester has started. I've completed a couple of mid-term assignments already and there are a few more coming my way. Boy, am I tired.

I had a week of break from school last week and it was such a blast. I didn't do anything from Tuesday to Friday. I stayed at home, slept, watched One Piece, did some colouring on photoshop, made tea and drank tea. That was it. It felt so good.

Last monday, I had a career counselling session with my mentor professor. It ended up to be almost 3 hours long. The thing is, while talking to her, I felt as though whatever she said made sense - I should be practical, I should do this, I should send my applications now, I should be pursuing this legal career since I am afterall studying in a law degree, what other job could give me the same intellectual challenge etc. Then she asked me what non-legal jobs am I seriously considering and I had no answer.

Yes, my fault for not thinking everything through. But the thing is I can't thi


And, yes, it just stops there. Well, I logged in today to give an update about now. We are about 3 weeks to the end of the semester. 1 month to the start of Summer. whoopie. Not excited. This is so sad. Because when summer starts, I start working. When summer starts, I have to start panicking about getting a job. Dang. When Summer ends, I'll be in my final year of university. Double dang.

Well anyway...I am so behind on the Johnny's fandom that I don't even know where to begint to catch up.

I still haven't sorted out the problem of my external hard disk storage being FULL. I tried zipping everything up to save space but..1) it isn't saving that much space honestly and 2) I can't watch or view the things that are zipped which sucks. So I haven't figured out what to do next.

Recently I've been feeling a lot of fear. Fear about the future. Fear about my life. Fear about supporting the family. I've been particuarly insecure lately. I wonder if it's because I'm not doing anything much. I've been resting in my shell for too long. I've forgotten how to impress people. But I don't want to impress people. I don't want the pressure and I don't want the attention. At the same time, I don't want bad attention either. Sucky grades. Lousy resume.

Sometimes, successful people scare me. Capable women intimidate me. Somewhere inside me, I scream that I'm not like them.

Well, that was an interesting twist to an update about me

so...that...folks is about all I have to update... Till next time. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on Arashi and SZ soon >< but exams are coming T__T
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