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Well, my mother was watching a Taiwanese Period drama just now and guess who I saw?

Doesn't he remind you of Nino? I couldn't find very good pictures online but he really looked like Nino in the drama. Somethihng about those eyebrows, eyes and his upper lip. If Nino were ever so serious, this is what he would look like I suppose. Anyway, the Taiwanese guy's name is George Hu, if anyone wants to know more, you can google him.

This reminds me of Gao Yun Xiang hahaha who I thought looked like Kotaki Nozomu:

Again, I couldn't find very good pictures. Maybe cuz I'm not searching in chinese or on the chinese version of Google. So ther results aren't very many. In the first place, Baidu is probably a better search engine for all things Chinese but I've never used it before.

Well, anyway...that's all that I popped in to say...

Oh! Update on my big-catch-up-series. I've finally caught up on Shokura! So impressed with all of SZ's performances!!! Their new songs are great! MariSou's performance in basketball outfits was just bursting with energy! I like Kento's cool solo this time. The phrases are still quite lovey dovey but the music and especially the dance moves all have such swag~ Go Kento! And I also saw Takizawa's guest appearance and woah, he really has presence hahaha. Such a cool senpai. It really brings out such a masculine presence.

And there are so many new groups now! So many new faces. Time is passing so fast >< They're all growing up so quickly! The throwback videos that were shown during the Spring Vacation Specials were so adorable! All of the SZ members were so cute espeically FumaKen! (Shori is kinda the same although much skinnier). The aura/characters of the older guys (Miyabi, Hamada, even Fuma) were so different back then.

And I realise that Goseki is really really such a senpai....is it me or was he on the first episode of Shokura that someone shared the other day?? Just...wow. 


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