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AGAIN, I'm back with another "I've not abandoned the fandom" blog post....Sorry haha...but with school and all my worrying about the future...I haven't been in the mood to fangirl over the boys recently.

Exams have just ended and I'll be doing some travelling this vacation...so I need something to kill the time I'm waiting at the airport or ont the plane etc etc. ALSO...there's nothing like a SEXYZONE x ARASHI episode that WILL drag me back into the depths of the fandom. PLUS, it was SEXY ZONE'S 5TH ANNIVERSARY and both SZ and ARASHI released new albums/singles....

Clearly, I've stayed away too long.

I have so much to catch up on.

I don't know if I can stay here as long because I...really ought to be finding a job to prepare myself for...adult (sigh) life after I graduate (soooooon...too soon).

So...yeah...sorry I just managed to bring back the heavy mood, right?

On a brighter note, I've gotten into journalling. I've always journaled....like I kept many many diaries and journals and notebooks of stuff. But this time...shit's gotten real and I've been taking it more seriously...with the intention of making them into memory archives of some sort....

Sigh, I've been watching too many bullet journal/hobonichi/midori traveller's journal vieos on youtube...and also been seeing oo many awe-inspiring journals on pinterest. Well....

on with my catching-up for SZ and Arashi!

I've got the SZxArashi shiyagare episode, various SZ performances of Yobisute and SZ's new album/pv/making....

Now I just need...to find the shokura episodes that I missed, Arashi's new single/album, any noteworthy vs arashi or shiyagare episodes....and listen to Nino's radio sessions (if I have time to find them).

(getting really annoyed with Mega's new thing about a 5gb limit...sigh)
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