May. 17th, 2013

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I've already gotten it, but, i haven't got the chance to really sit down and watch it. Even though I am absolutely and terrifyingly FREE. Does this even make sense?

And, I've been pretty down reccently, woes i suppose. Demo, seeing gifs of Arashi on tumblr just make me seriously, LAUGH OUT LOUD, hahahah!!! Good thing it's the middle of the night, with no one to laugh at me LOL-ing in front of my computer screen.

And i'm wondering if i should change my a..less geeky one maybe? but....

and i've been wanting to keep long hair for quite a while now. And i've just cut it a few months ago. It's at my shoulder now, can't wait for it to fall at least, halfway down my back! And then, finally, i can curl the ends of my hair, (: I'll suit the mature look by then~
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They really totally cheered me up! :D

So, Arashi's been on a losing streak for the past four weeks. And today's guest is Kamenashi Kazuya! I'm pretty excited to see another fellow Johnny's as part of Arashi's team!! Even if i'm not a fan of Kamenashi-san :P

So, they started off with Pinball Runner! When, the opposing team (The AB Team) seemed to be off to a good start, they callected more points than Arashi. Kame was just following Nino's orders, but he kept saying "6, 6, 6.." but more balls fell at 7 and 8 than at 6, and Kame seemed a little frustrated too, especially at the beginning. He picked up the pace a little towards the end, but well, Team AB gained the lead.

Then, they did Kicking Sniper! The kickers were Aiba, Kame and then Nino in that order. And they did pretty good! Nino secured a perfect the first time, then Aiba-chan too scored a perfect! Kame tried his best, but he either missed or his kick lacked strength...BUT, he was cute(; At the end, he just said, yappari, sempais were amazing, hahaha, loving him already(: Anyway, apparently, the 3 spent a lot of time together travelling on the train(:

Next up was Bank Bowling! And muahahaha, it was revealed that Kame and Sho-chan had a date before! They were so adorable! And they had a splendid shot! Following them was Leader and MatsuJun, who had a strange tiff haha, that was resolved..peacefully? Anyway, loved seeing the interaction between Kame and Arashi(:

In Cliff Climbling...Team AB starts off really well...I really hope Arashi wins this week!! >< I am typing this as i watch ya know. Kame really is giving his all(: I'm so proud of him hahaha (even if i'm not his fan). Lol, and the thrifty side of Nino is revealed once again hahaha, Kame mentioned how whenever he eats with Nino, there's always someone else, that someone else always ends up paying for the meal hahaha! And Kame had some trouble grappling with a grip/handle >< Haha, Go Kame! Haha, he ran out of time, he was SO CLOSE!!! Hahaha, his landing was cool though, like a performance >w<

ANDDDDD ARASHI is in the lead so far!!! Wheeeeee~ :D

Last segment is Korokoro Viking! And okayyy....there was a...kinniku roulette thingy...which was...a <i>bit</i> gross...=.= anyway, Arashi gave Team AB an advantage, where the 50 points thingy  became 100 instead, i think it's unfair though. Arashi still has that -50, which puts them at great disadvantage SO MANY TIMES already >: Gambarre Arashi! Kame's really giving them a boost of confidence and more enjoyment and fun(: and NOOOO)): They keep missing the 50 point mark T_T and keep hitting the 5 or 10 points >< at least they didn't hit the -50....up till the FIFTH BALL!!! YES, finally a 50!! :D and the 6th, is back at 10 they've...90 points now...AND THE LAST BALL (A GOLDEN BALL TO BOOT!) GOT 50 POINTS!!!! AND ARASHI WINSSSSS!!!! WHOOOOOHOOOOO!!


and Hahaha, Kame, I bet you've gained more support and fans after this (;

The 10-second challenge was so cute this time! They had to use spotlights to find Leader who's hiding among the audience in 10 seconds! and they did it! Whee~~~~

Thank you Arashi, for the wonderful hour i just had <3
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