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I love Sexyzone and all FIVE of their members, don't get me wrong. And like most Johnny's fans, I had an ichiban. The one who always caught my eye was Shori. When I was having a down day, just seeing him smile that gorgeous perfect smile would lift my spirits. When I feel downright depressed, watching him laugh and hearing him speak made me feel better.

However, recently I've begun to notice Fuma more and more. It's not really appearance but more of his beautiful character. Before this week, I just thought he was the...almost jock-like person of the group. I saw it as a sort of arrogance and "I'm a cool dude" kind of persona which I didn't really enjoy but still loved him. Plus, he was sometimes pretty mean to Marius on camera, but then again, I can understand how Marius could be pretty annoying sometimes. He's probably going through a teen phase, so I don't blame him. Also, I know Fuma has to get into character on camera so I don't blame Fuma either. What I loved most about Fuma was that his favourite sempai was Sakurai Sho. So it was like: I LOVE ARASHI. ---> FUMA LOVES SHO. ---> SO YEPP I LOVE FUMA TOO in that indirect way hahaha. And then things changed.

Dumdum DUMMMMM~~~

I was watching the special documentary the other day (I believe it was called Stand & Run), and there was this one scene during the Spring concert that really impressed and moved me. During the actual concert, Kento was supposed to appear to the fans and do a bit of MC and then introduce the next song. However, for some reason, he was late, and Fuma noticed (he kept asking "where's Nakajima?" while stripping (ehem) and then putting on his next costume). He asked multiple times, still putting on his costume and fiddling with the mic, but kento didn't appear, and then he just said "I'll do it". His shirt was not buttoned properly and parts of it were still not tucked in, but he followed the staff member and ran outside anyway. He was sweating like mad. Just before he stepped out, he asked, "what am I supposed to say?". I'm not sure what the staff replied to him.

When he appeared on stage, there was no spotlight on him cuz (this is my guess) they just used the nearest exit and so got out at a different part of the stage. He was panting, and while he was panting, I'm sure he was panicking inside thinking "what should I say, what should I say". But he pulled it off. Yeah, he did. He just talked about how thankful he was, rambled a bit and then introduced the next song.

So it was totally like...FUMA SAVED THE DAY kind of scene. And like the fair maiden my inner fangirl was, I swooned and fell for him.

It was the way he did it...so matter-of-fact...without hesitation...so that the concert would not have an awkward pause in between, so that the fans would have the concert they paid for.

WHOO~ So yepp, now I love Fuma even more, I mean I already did like him previously cuz he liked Sho-kun.

Plus, during the concert, Fuma spoke for Sou and Marius, such a big brother and Mama at the same time.


(I wish I could meet them in real life)


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