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Okay first post of 2016! \(^▽^)/

Three things to update:

#1. I've recently been into a Chinese drama which doesn't happen very often. The drama is 芈月传 or Legend of Mi Yue. It's a historic drama which is totally my thing. I love shows that have have a historic setting. I love knowing more about history whether it's English, American, Chinese, Japanese or Spanish whatever. I love it. Documentaries are fine but I also love watching dramas. I love hearing them speak, looking at the setting and their costumes (✧∀✧).

I really admire Sun Li as an actress and watched her previous period drama 甄嬛传 or Legend of Zhen Huan where she was also the lead actress. I heard she was acting another period drama and was like okay, let's check it out.I also wanted to check it out because they were saying that the drama's ratings lost to the popularity of another korean period drama Empress Ki and wanted to support Sun Li.

And right now I'm about peisode 21 and I think the drama is pretty good. I like the story. The acting in general isn't as good as 甄嬛传 in my humble opinion but I promise that it gets better. I think it's because the story relied a lot on children actors/actresses in the earlier episodes which I always feel is kind of awkward.

I also want to mention one cute guy that really caught my eye (◕‿◕)

His real name is Gao Yun Xiang and he's already married to another actress. And he's so cute here: )

#2. SMAP is disbanding? What is going on? The news is really shocking and kinda sad. I'm just waiting to here more news now. It's really crazy to think that the possibility of a boyband disbanding is such big news in Japan. I get it. I get it that SMAP is HUGE. But it's still crazy.

#3. Finally catching up with the last few Shokura episodes of 2015 and can I say that I'm loving all the costume-equality between the members of Sexy Zone? (〃^▽^〃)

That's about it from me. I'm already in my first week of school and it's looking up. I'm also thinking about taking up Japanese seriously.
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Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday!!!

Just this morning, I finally caught up with all the Shokura episodes that I've missed and KYAAAAAA I'm so glad that MatsuSou performed on one of the more recent episodes! The theme of that episode was "美" pronounced as "bi" which means beauty. The shokura started with FumaKentoShori singing [Young and Beautiful]. Then fast forward, Sou was on the Shokura Blog segment, and he shared how he thought Mt Fuji was what he associates with the word "beauty" which I think is so sweet of him. I couldn't help but notice that his presentation skills were so much better, he sounds more confident and he carried out his part really well. Then immediately following the blog segment, it was a performance by MatsuSou himself!!!

Can I just say, the perfomance was AWESOME. His voice sounded great! His dancing was great! He sounds, looks and feels more confident. Here's a couple of epi gifs that I saw on Tumblr:
Read more... )

I'm just so proud and happy for him that his performance went so well on Shokura!! He definitely has a different vibe from the Juniors.

This Shokura episode also had Fuma singing a cool solo, and Marius appeared at the ending song! So all five of them were present in the same episdoe!!! *excited jumping around* I'm hoping that Sou's lack of presence in group activities/idol activities were because of his final exams that all high schoolers in Japan take very seriously. So now that they're over, I hope that he and Marius would be making an awesome comeback(: Plus, the sexy zone pony canyon website shows all five of them. The new album also has all five of them. I'm hoping these are god signs!

Anyway, Happy Birthday Sou!!! Are you going to university? I hope to see you more often!(: All the best and love from,

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I love Sexyzone and all FIVE of their members, don't get me wrong. And like most Johnny's fans, I had an ichiban. The one who always caught my eye was Shori. When I was having a down day, just seeing him smile that gorgeous perfect smile would lift my spirits. When I feel downright depressed, watching him laugh and hearing him speak made me feel better.

However, recently I've begun to notice Fuma more and more. It's not really appearance but more of his beautiful character. Before this week, I just thought he was the...almost jock-like person of the group. I saw it as a sort of arrogance and "I'm a cool dude" kind of persona which I didn't really enjoy but still loved him. Plus, he was sometimes pretty mean to Marius on camera, but then again, I can understand how Marius could be pretty annoying sometimes. He's probably going through a teen phase, so I don't blame him. Also, I know Fuma has to get into character on camera so I don't blame Fuma either. What I loved most about Fuma was that his favourite sempai was Sakurai Sho. So it was like: I LOVE ARASHI. ---> FUMA LOVES SHO. ---> SO YEPP I LOVE FUMA TOO in that indirect way hahaha. And then things changed.

Dumdum DUMMMMM~~~

I was watching the special documentary the other day (I believe it was called Stand & Run), and there was this one scene during the Spring concert that really impressed and moved me. During the actual concert, Kento was supposed to appear to the fans and do a bit of MC and then introduce the next song. However, for some reason, he was late, and Fuma noticed (he kept asking "where's Nakajima?" while stripping (ehem) and then putting on his next costume). He asked multiple times, still putting on his costume and fiddling with the mic, but kento didn't appear, and then he just said "I'll do it". His shirt was not buttoned properly and parts of it were still not tucked in, but he followed the staff member and ran outside anyway. He was sweating like mad. Just before he stepped out, he asked, "what am I supposed to say?". I'm not sure what the staff replied to him.

When he appeared on stage, there was no spotlight on him cuz (this is my guess) they just used the nearest exit and so got out at a different part of the stage. He was panting, and while he was panting, I'm sure he was panicking inside thinking "what should I say, what should I say". But he pulled it off. Yeah, he did. He just talked about how thankful he was, rambled a bit and then introduced the next song.

So it was totally like...FUMA SAVED THE DAY kind of scene. And like the fair maiden my inner fangirl was, I swooned and fell for him.

It was the way he did it...so matter-of-fact...without hesitation...so that the concert would not have an awkward pause in between, so that the fans would have the concert they paid for.

WHOO~ So yepp, now I love Fuma even more, I mean I already did like him previously cuz he liked Sho-kun.

Plus, during the concert, Fuma spoke for Sou and Marius, such a big brother and Mama at the same time.


(I wish I could meet them in real life)


Jun. 25th, 2014 09:12 am
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Yesterday was one of those days when I felt so so bummed out. I was really down because I failed my driving tes...I just felt like a complete failure and I was just thankful I didn't tell many people that it was my test that day.

imagine the embarrassment.

I'm terrible):

but anyway, the reason I'm posting this here, is to say that Sexy Zone has managed to cheer me up(:

on the way home, I listened to QR Zone. I listened to last week's and the one on the week before. I don't listen regularly so yepp, I had to catch up. Listening to them just lifts my spirits...even if it was just a little. It helped me to not focus on my test.

Then when I reached home, I watched Sexy Zone Channel ^^ They went fishing~ Even if they didn't catch any fish, I'm still sure that you guys "Mottemasu"! Even if the fish can't see it, us fans definitely can. You are all so adorable and dashing.

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Has everyone watched the latest episode?!!!!

They went to eat YAKITORI



And THIS was the BEST moment:

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I've just come back from a short trip to one of the sunny islands of Indonesia!
I'm sort of rolling around at home everyday so far for this week.

I'm...taking a wonderful break.

And, I've realised that I have ALOT of missing stuff in my SexyZone collection D:


I went on a mad hunt on the internet today, to search and scour every corner in the internet for stuff.

I'm still missing:

- The first Omake of Sexy Channel! The one where they were outdoors waiting for the camera men to set up the camera along the cliff

These two are the MOST important ones

*chews invisible handkerchief*


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so much feeeeels(:

I am seriously falling in love with the whole group more and more :D

This episode really showed the interaction between the group members, and how the entire group is made up of very hardworking, lovely and dedicated people. They could have taken the easy way out, and ended the recording on time, but they didn't! LOVE YOU GUYS :D

Now I want to learn how to jump a Double Dutch rope whatchamacallit.

I can't wait for the next episode!!!!
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The special movie was just wonderful to watch ^^

SZ has seriously grown over the 2 years. They look so much more comfortable together now ^^ you can compare this to their...las vegas movie? They were so cute, but a teeny awkward hahaha

I love watching them really enjoying themselves on camera ^^

I'm so happy that SZ gets to do all these kinds of things!! They really travelled ALOT for a young group.

I hope Sou-kun gets more publicity this year though!! Maybe a drama like he's been hoping for quite a while now! And hopefully we get to hear more of his voice!

Also, isn't it interesting that Shori's suggestion sorta materialised in the form of their new variety show? (;

I've been feeling really stressed and quite down reccently...so watching the movie really cheered me up. I'm so grateful for our idols, they bring laughter to my life ^^
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OMG someone please announce it on some lj please! I need an official announcement! Oh man, I'm getting really thick-skinned, but I really hope someone uploads the episodes of SZ-channel >< I will thank you everytime an episode is uploaded and shared! T.T

oh! I just read on tumblr that the first episode is TOMORROW!

on a very different track... )
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omg, FIRST of all, Sexy Zone was AMAZING. Lady Diamond was refreshing. AND OH-EM-GEE, WE GOTTA GO IS FREAKING AWESOME. They were shining! Kagayaiteiru! Totally! Kyaaaa!!!! So many feels!!!

Second of all, Kishi's voice was really really good! KYAAAA!!! I love him more now(:

I'm sorry, bimbo moment xD
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First of all, Happy 2014~

2014 has started with a lot of Sexy Zone L-O-V-E. ^^

Watching Shokura just to see them! AND I AM SO EGG-CITED FOR SEXY SECOND! Congratulations and We gotta go sound AWESOME :D

Oh, and when Shori finally won the rock,paper,scissors game! HIS EXPRESSION OF PURE JOY XD

ahhhhhh Shori, you are so adorable~~~

Second of all, I'm flying off to Korea tomorrow morning. Honestly, I travel very little. Before 2013, meaning my life up till 2012, I only took a plane once. My life's changing. Last year, I travelled TWICE. I took a plane FOUR times. Maybe I sound silly, but omg, when I took the plane...I couldn't help it...tears sprang to my eyes. I wanted to travel so bad when I was in my early teens. When I finally took the plane, my emotions just went crazy. I might still tear a bit tomorrow when I'm on the plane, who knows.

I'm so thankful that I'm able to travel so much more. I've never actually wanted to go to S.Korea. BUT WHO CARES. ANYWHERE IS FINE. TRAVELLING IS DA BOMB.
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Yes, I know I'm a bit late.

And it's not like I was busy on Christmas day itself...I was just lazing around at home.

a bit of a rant )
BUT, I am grateful for my Christmas. Even if I didn't spend it with snow falling outside the window. Even if I don't have a fireplace, or a christmas tree. It was a day of relaxation. It was a day of peace.

AND, watching my Johnny's boys really cheer me up.
Especially this gif!! )

the Christmas special in Shokura was AWESOME. I especially loved the part where they showed parts of SZ's trip in Dubai! The fighting scene in the desert was so cute!!

And there was the part where Juri asked Shori if he liked him...I was kinda like....AWWW and WHA-? at the same time lol. It's a cute tactic I suppose?

Then, there was also Kisumai's part which was lovely toooooo ^^

oh! oh! oh! there was also the part where they showed everyone when they were CHIBIs!!! SO CUTE!!! My heart almost couldn't take it~~~ Kyaaaaa~

I haven't caught up with the Arashi stuff yet though. D:

I've downloaded a few stuff already, can't wait to watch them!!!

I also can't wait for the LOVE DVD to come out!!! SO EXCITED!!!

I actually think that Arashi and SZ keep me looking forward to 2014. I'm totally not looking forward to school starting again. But... ><
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So, i went to check on tumblr, and i seriously was just liking every single post on my dashboard that was related to SexyZone.

and i love this picture of them! :D
and this one for Shori lol!

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The first few weeks of school were like a hurricane.
I was SO BUSY trying to learn the ropes, catching up with work and etc etc....

I kinda left the Arashi and SZ loop momentarily, but I AM BACK MUAHAHAHA

and at an awesome time to:

ARAFES STARTS TODAY!!! Can't wait to watch it when the DVD comes out! ><

and OMG, just look at all the new SZ songs! Shori's singing so so much more, i love his voice! i love it more than Kento's and Fuma's. Fuma's is just too...cool for me, it can't really connect with him. Neither can i connect to Kento lol, who's like such a diva hahaha.

there's Onaji Sora no Shita, which i LOVE~ isn't it nice? to think that well, we are indeed under the same sky as all our idol loves? :D

And bye bye Dubai is so HYPER! Makes me happy listening to it! :D

do you see all that boogie-ing? XD

(photos and gifs from tumblr!)
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