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Well, my mother was watching a Taiwanese Period drama just now and guess who I saw?

This handsome face )

Doesn't he remind you of Nino? I couldn't find very good pictures online but he really looked like Nino in the drama. Somethihng about those eyebrows, eyes and his upper lip. If Nino were ever so serious, this is what he would look like I suppose. Anyway, the Taiwanese guy's name is George Hu, if anyone wants to know more, you can google him.

This reminds me of Gao Yun Xiang hahaha who I thought looked like Kotaki Nozomu:

Over here again )

Again, I couldn't find very good pictures. Maybe cuz I'm not searching in chinese or on the chinese version of Google. So ther results aren't very many. In the first place, Baidu is probably a better search engine for all things Chinese but I've never used it before.

Well, anyway...that's all that I popped in to say...

Oh! Update on my big-catch-up-series. I've finally caught up on Shokura! So impressed with all of SZ's performances!!! Their new songs are great! MariSou's performance in basketball outfits was just bursting with energy! I like Kento's cool solo this time. The phrases are still quite lovey dovey but the music and especially the dance moves all have such swag~ Go Kento! And I also saw Takizawa's guest appearance and woah, he really has presence hahaha. Such a cool senpai. It really brings out such a masculine presence.

And there are so many new groups now! So many new faces. Time is passing so fast >< They're all growing up so quickly! The throwback videos that were shown during the Spring Vacation Specials were so adorable! All of the SZ members were so cute espeically FumaKen! (Shori is kinda the same although much skinnier). The aura/characters of the older guys (Miyabi, Hamada, even Fuma) were so different back then.

And I realise that Goseki is really really such a senpai....is it me or was he on the first episode of Shokura that someone shared the other day?? Just...wow. 
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okay, I've begun my catch-up-on-arashi-and-sz sprint.

starting off with Miyagi Blast 2015 last night! I was feeling so down yesterday and watching the Blast really cheered me up(:

The dancing by Arashi was GREAT! i especially loved the little fan dance collaboration they did. So cool! The little talk session was hilarious too especially the part about Sho-kun and the towel merchandise LOL.

I only could watch Disc 1 though. the Disc 2 file had the audio missing >:
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So I discovered a draft of an update that I tried to give...a few weeks ago and well, here it is:


Week #7 of the semester has started. I've completed a couple of mid-term assignments already and there are a few more coming my way. Boy, am I tired.

I had a week of break from school last week and it was such a blast. I didn't do anything from Tuesday to Friday. I stayed at home, slept, watched One Piece, did some colouring on photoshop, made tea and drank tea. That was it. It felt so good.

Last monday, I had a career counselling session with my mentor professor. It ended up to be almost 3 hours long. The thing is, while talking to her, I felt as though whatever she said made sense - I should be practical, I should do this, I should send my applications now, I should be pursuing this legal career since I am afterall studying in a law degree, what other job could give me the same intellectual challenge etc. Then she asked me what non-legal jobs am I seriously considering and I had no answer.

Yes, my fault for not thinking everything through. But the thing is I can't thi


And, yes, it just stops there. Well, I logged in today to give an update about now. We are about 3 weeks to the end of the semester. 1 month to the start of Summer. whoopie. Not excited. This is so sad. Because when summer starts, I start working. When summer starts, I have to start panicking about getting a job. Dang. When Summer ends, I'll be in my final year of university. Double dang.

Well anyway...I am so behind on the Johnny's fandom that I don't even know where to begint to catch up.

I still haven't sorted out the problem of my external hard disk storage being FULL. I tried zipping everything up to save space but..1) it isn't saving that much space honestly and 2) I can't watch or view the things that are zipped which sucks. So I haven't figured out what to do next.

Recently I've been feeling a lot of fear. Fear about the future. Fear about my life. Fear about supporting the family. I've been particuarly insecure lately. I wonder if it's because I'm not doing anything much. I've been resting in my shell for too long. I've forgotten how to impress people. But I don't want to impress people. I don't want the pressure and I don't want the attention. At the same time, I don't want bad attention either. Sucky grades. Lousy resume.

Sometimes, successful people scare me. Capable women intimidate me. Somewhere inside me, I scream that I'm not like them.

Well, that was an interesting twist to an update about me

so...that...folks is about all I have to update... Till next time. Hopefully I'll be able to catch up on Arashi and SZ soon >< but exams are coming T__T
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So I need a yellow-clad Fuma to add some sunshine here HAHA

I've been spending a lot of time on this One Piece forum orojackson.com way too much recently. I need to control myself sigh. I need to study more.

I picked up a language module this semester and I hope that I can really learn this properly.

And here's a cheeky picture of Gaoyunxiang )
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Okay first post of 2016! \(^▽^)/

Three things to update:

#1. I've recently been into a Chinese drama which doesn't happen very often. The drama is 芈月传 or Legend of Mi Yue. It's a historic drama which is totally my thing. I love shows that have have a historic setting. I love knowing more about history whether it's English, American, Chinese, Japanese or Spanish whatever. I love it. Documentaries are fine but I also love watching dramas. I love hearing them speak, looking at the setting and their costumes (✧∀✧).

I really admire Sun Li as an actress and watched her previous period drama 甄嬛传 or Legend of Zhen Huan where she was also the lead actress. I heard she was acting another period drama and was like okay, let's check it out.I also wanted to check it out because they were saying that the drama's ratings lost to the popularity of another korean period drama Empress Ki and wanted to support Sun Li.

And right now I'm about peisode 21 and I think the drama is pretty good. I like the story. The acting in general isn't as good as 甄嬛传 in my humble opinion but I promise that it gets better. I think it's because the story relied a lot on children actors/actresses in the earlier episodes which I always feel is kind of awkward.

I also want to mention one cute guy that really caught my eye (◕‿◕)

His real name is Gao Yun Xiang and he's already married to another actress. And he's so cute here: )

#2. SMAP is disbanding? What is going on? The news is really shocking and kinda sad. I'm just waiting to here more news now. It's really crazy to think that the possibility of a boyband disbanding is such big news in Japan. I get it. I get it that SMAP is HUGE. But it's still crazy.

#3. Finally catching up with the last few Shokura episodes of 2015 and can I say that I'm loving all the costume-equality between the members of Sexy Zone? (〃^▽^〃)

That's about it from me. I'm already in my first week of school and it's looking up. I'm also thinking about taking up Japanese seriously.
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I'm in a degree course that I don't enjoy substantially...but there are some things that I do like about this...

Like how there are many interesting opportunities available

How the school is small and sort of cozy. (while it can get claustrophobic at times)

I like some of the people that I have met.

Skills? Not sure. Confidence? Maybe. It can be argued that law school has instead shattered any shred of confidence that I had. Out of my shattered confidence, I now instead have a rather confident set of indifference. I no longer care that I'm not scoring well or not doing as well as my peers. I like what I like. I don't have to follow the crowd. I don't have to mix with people that I'm not comfortable with. If I prefer to be alone, then I will be alone. I don't have to go out for drinks with them.

Boys still are the creatures that only talk to me when they think I'm pretty or exotic. Give them a few months and they lose interest. They throw me aside like I was trash and go after the next pretty girl.

This post isn't making sense, now is it?


I want to listen to the new Japnoism CD. I want to buy the new album. I want to buy many things.

tired. even though I've already slept a lot. It's not a physical tired but a mental and spiritual one I think. I'm just tired of having to drag my feet to law school and back.

sigh. God help me.


Oct. 8th, 2015 02:09 pm
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Alright, it's been FOREVER since I last posted. This was probably the longest break I took from the JE fandom (at least LJ-wise). I think I stopped checking on JE stuff since summer started and now it's properly FALL and we're heading into winter (Christmas is coming! but first, finals><)

By "break' I mean completely no checking on the LJ feed relating to any Arashi or Sexy Zone updates. I didn't download their tv shows or listen to their new music etc. Right now, I really miss Shokura, Sexy Zone Channel and VS Arashi. It seemed like there was a bet de Arashi recently too! This morning, everything changed when I decided to vist my LJ feed and I listened to Nino's Baystorm. GOSH, the new track that he played - ILOVEIT. It's from their new Japonism album so yeah I'll have to look around for it (if it's already out) over the next few days when I'm free.

Tbh, it's a rather strange time for me to get back into the fandom. I'm approaching finals steadily...and my laptop has broken down so there's no real point of downloading anything I suppose. Right now I'm using a tablet and I've downloaded a lot of school-related documents already. Do I really need that new Japonism album in here? Yes I do, We shall see. At the rate things are going, I might even find out that Sexy Zone has also put out a new single/album and gahhhhh

so yes, not a very good timing to be falling in love with JE again. But what to do? I miss the boys, their voices and personalities.

Also, I am aware of Riida's recent 'scandal' and my heart goes out to him. Seems like the girl has suffered some repercussions and I hope Riida is coping okay with everything.

Speaking of coping, I really wonder how Sou-chan is doing and whether he has made his mark yet?

Another point that I'm curious on the state of Nino's hair. The radio broadcast that I heard is definitely recent and he said that he hasn't gone to cut his hair and everyone keeps telling him to cut it. But he's resolved to not cut it when he doesn't have to (because of dramas or whatever). He even dwelt on the possibility of long hair! A long-haired Nino! Hahaha, will you really do that, Nino?

Alright, I should get back to work. I have mountains that need moving *rolls up sleeves*. Hopefully I'll update more and sometime soon too. Bye!


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