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Yes, I know I'm a bit late.

And it's not like I was busy on Christmas day itself...I was just lazing around at home.

You know, watching vlogmas on YT is really just showing me what I've been missing out my whole life. While I do celebrate Christmas, my family never ever goes all out.

we try to save money.

so, we don't really decorate the house. we have a tiny fake tree in the storeroom that I can't be bothered to take out and decorate. I don't really receive presents. Unless it's from friends or rich aunts. This year I got a Too Faced make-up kit from my friend, and it's the only present I've received so far. I'm really thankful for that one gift that I got. But I can't help but wish I got more.

when I look at vlogmas, I see a huge and REAL christmas tree, decorated with TLC and sparkly stuff. I also see LOADS of presents under the tree. I see them open amazing presents. Sigh...

BUT, I am grateful for my Christmas. Even if I didn't spend it with snow falling outside the window. Even if I don't have a fireplace, or a christmas tree. It was a day of relaxation. It was a day of peace.

AND, watching my Johnny's boys really cheer me up.

this is from tumblr, not mine. Click on the picture to see the original.

the Christmas special in Shokura was AWESOME. I especially loved the part where they showed parts of SZ's trip in Dubai! The fighting scene in the desert was so cute!!

And there was the part where Juri asked Shori if he liked him...I was kinda like....AWWW and WHA-? at the same time lol. It's a cute tactic I suppose?

Then, there was also Kisumai's part which was lovely toooooo ^^

oh! oh! oh! there was also the part where they showed everyone when they were CHIBIs!!! SO CUTE!!! My heart almost couldn't take it~~~ Kyaaaaa~

I haven't caught up with the Arashi stuff yet though. D:

I've downloaded a few stuff already, can't wait to watch them!!!

I also can't wait for the LOVE DVD to come out!!! SO EXCITED!!!

I actually think that Arashi and SZ keep me looking forward to 2014. I'm totally not looking forward to school starting again. But... ><
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