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Has everyone watched the latest episode?!!!!

They went to eat YAKITORI



And THIS was the BEST moment:

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The special movie was just wonderful to watch ^^

SZ has seriously grown over the 2 years. They look so much more comfortable together now ^^ you can compare this to their...las vegas movie? They were so cute, but a teeny awkward hahaha

I love watching them really enjoying themselves on camera ^^

I'm so happy that SZ gets to do all these kinds of things!! They really travelled ALOT for a young group.

I hope Sou-kun gets more publicity this year though!! Maybe a drama like he's been hoping for quite a while now! And hopefully we get to hear more of his voice!

Also, isn't it interesting that Shori's suggestion sorta materialised in the form of their new variety show? (;

I've been feeling really stressed and quite down reccently...so watching the movie really cheered me up. I'm so grateful for our idols, they bring laughter to my life ^^
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OMG someone please announce it on some lj please! I need an official announcement! Oh man, I'm getting really thick-skinned, but I really hope someone uploads the episodes of SZ-channel >< I will thank you everytime an episode is uploaded and shared! T.T

oh! I just read on tumblr that the first episode is TOMORROW!

on a very different track... )
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First of all, Happy 2014~

2014 has started with a lot of Sexy Zone L-O-V-E. ^^

Watching Shokura just to see them! AND I AM SO EGG-CITED FOR SEXY SECOND! Congratulations and We gotta go sound AWESOME :D

Oh, and when Shori finally won the rock,paper,scissors game! HIS EXPRESSION OF PURE JOY XD

ahhhhhh Shori, you are so adorable~~~

Second of all, I'm flying off to Korea tomorrow morning. Honestly, I travel very little. Before 2013, meaning my life up till 2012, I only took a plane once. My life's changing. Last year, I travelled TWICE. I took a plane FOUR times. Maybe I sound silly, but omg, when I took the plane...I couldn't help it...tears sprang to my eyes. I wanted to travel so bad when I was in my early teens. When I finally took the plane, my emotions just went crazy. I might still tear a bit tomorrow when I'm on the plane, who knows.

I'm so thankful that I'm able to travel so much more. I've never actually wanted to go to S.Korea. BUT WHO CARES. ANYWHERE IS FINE. TRAVELLING IS DA BOMB.
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Yes, I know I'm a bit late.

And it's not like I was busy on Christmas day itself...I was just lazing around at home.

a bit of a rant )
BUT, I am grateful for my Christmas. Even if I didn't spend it with snow falling outside the window. Even if I don't have a fireplace, or a christmas tree. It was a day of relaxation. It was a day of peace.

AND, watching my Johnny's boys really cheer me up.
Especially this gif!! )

the Christmas special in Shokura was AWESOME. I especially loved the part where they showed parts of SZ's trip in Dubai! The fighting scene in the desert was so cute!!

And there was the part where Juri asked Shori if he liked him...I was kinda like....AWWW and WHA-? at the same time lol. It's a cute tactic I suppose?

Then, there was also Kisumai's part which was lovely toooooo ^^

oh! oh! oh! there was also the part where they showed everyone when they were CHIBIs!!! SO CUTE!!! My heart almost couldn't take it~~~ Kyaaaaa~

I haven't caught up with the Arashi stuff yet though. D:

I've downloaded a few stuff already, can't wait to watch them!!!

I also can't wait for the LOVE DVD to come out!!! SO EXCITED!!!

I actually think that Arashi and SZ keep me looking forward to 2014. I'm totally not looking forward to school starting again. But... ><
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Okay, I just watched 49, cuz it appeared on my tumblr dashboard and I was curious enough to click 'play'


I've never really like watching my idols act, hahaha, I'm weird like that. Mainly because, sometimes I don't think they can act very well, or...because when they're given the lead roles, they say such corny things, or they layer on too much swag hahaha

BUT, I really liked watching Shori in this drama!

I can't wait to watch the next episode!

when Dan (Shori) who was possessed by his Dad, forgot that he was Dan and not himself, and tried to kiss his own wife, IT WAS SO WEIRD TO SEE SHORI MAKE A MOVE ON A MATURED LADY, BUT OH THAT MADE THE FANGIRL IN ME FLAP ABOUT HYSTERICALLY LOL. Shori is really so handsome, he's going to grow up into such a lady-killer.

And then when the dad in Dan showed off his skills in basketball, like...y'know, every lead character has cool moments, and i always feel that they layer it on a bit too thick...like...the slow-mo punch, the oh-my-gawd face of the people around him and the superhuman feats that leads manage to accomplish. But with Shori's i felt okay, and amazed lol, he was so COOL.

okay, maybe i'm just that biased.

maybe seeing Shori being so good at basketball just makes me crazy lol. HE WAS HAWT, hahaha.

I can't wait to see more of 49!
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just lovin days when you can sleep in~


Sep. 24th, 2013 07:23 pm
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Shori is too perfect.

I just scrolled down my tumblr dashboard, and i'm like....SHOOOT SHORI YOU ARE JUST BAD FOR MY HEART>.<

just look at this:
source: http://twitpic.com/ddypwo
and so much more pictures here! )

Shori's birthday is coming up soon! But with school and all, i might be too busy to post a birthday post for him.

So Shori, here's wishing you HAPPY BIRTHDAY in ADVANCE (;

continue to shine and be awesome!!!

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The first few weeks of school were like a hurricane.
I was SO BUSY trying to learn the ropes, catching up with work and etc etc....

I kinda left the Arashi and SZ loop momentarily, but I AM BACK MUAHAHAHA

and at an awesome time to:

ARAFES STARTS TODAY!!! Can't wait to watch it when the DVD comes out! ><

and OMG, just look at all the new SZ songs! Shori's singing so so much more, i love his voice! i love it more than Kento's and Fuma's. Fuma's is just too...cool for me, it can't really connect with him. Neither can i connect to Kento lol, who's like such a diva hahaha.

there's Onaji Sora no Shita, which i LOVE~ isn't it nice? to think that well, we are indeed under the same sky as all our idol loves? :D

And bye bye Dubai is so HYPER! Makes me happy listening to it! :D

do you see all that boogie-ing? XD

(photos and gifs from tumblr!)


May. 29th, 2013 04:43 pm
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Shori~   you look like you're wearing PJs... and cuz Rompers are fashionable now, please don't tell me this is a boys' styled romper... 0.0
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why are you so perfect ? ♥

i got this from tumblr: http://reiachu.tumblr.com/

and this is from here: http://byshori.tumblr.com/

I love you Shori~ Thank you for the smiles you bring into my life :D

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It's from the SZ New York Movie, WHICH I HAVENT WATCHED T.T

But here's Shori and his adorably cute smile! :D )


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